Why Race?

The Hewa people in Papua New Guinea would have never experienced the freeing power of Christ through his Word without someone going and telling them. JAARS provided the pilot and the plane to take the translators to their remote, rugged villages so that the Hewa people could have the Word of God. JAARS couldn’t have flown the translators to these people, nor help the 1.5 billion people still without the full Bible in a language they clearly understand, without people willing to give and to go. YOU can be a part of this integral link by participating in Race for Possible!

The Race

Four-member teams race against time and other teams in a rugged wilderness setting by hiking, climbing, paddling, and biking to various challenge points. Each challenge tests team unity, communication, wilderness acumen, and linguistic skills (no experience necessary).

The race culminates with a final challenge located in a remote ‘Bibleless village.’ Teams conduct a simulated language survey, then race to the finish with valuable linguistic data.

Prizes are awarded for the most money raised, fastest team across the finish line, linguistic challenges, and more. Each night, veteran missionaries engage racers’ hearts and minds with stories of lives transformed as a result of Bible translation and the support solutions that make it possible.

Each year the Race focuses on raising money for a different JAARS-sponsored project that supports Bible translation.

The Project: Motorbikes

Much of today’s Bible translation takes place in rural areas, where paved roads are as rare as snow in summer. Getting around is rough: just 100 miles can take days of waiting, hiking, biking, and/or riding a dilapidated bus. Tough as it is, translation can’t happen without travel. One language might be spoken across hundreds of miles, and visiting the whole community is the best way to gather input, test drafts, help churches, and start literacy classes.

Motorbikes make it possible, even in the most remote communities.

The Racers

Each team consists of four racers who are at least 16 years old. A registration fee, based on location, is required to cover housing, meals, and race activities. Individuals are welcome to sign up, as we will supply additional teammates to make the race a possibility for you.

Racers commit to the following goals:

  • Build a team of four to race against time and other teams in demanding physical and linguistic challenges. If you can’t form your own team, don’t worry. Sign up and we will find a team for you.
  • Pray for endurance to “run the race set before us.” To carry the Bible translation baton to the finish line. Invite others to pray for the Bibleless as the team competes.
  • Commit to a fundraising goal of $2,000 per team ($500 per racer). We provide materials to help each participant and team meet this goal. At a minimum, Race participants will send letters and/or emails that describe the race and its goals to family and friends. If a team doesn’t raise the entire amount, they can still compete in the race. 
  • Continue to advocate for the Bibleless after the race.


The Vision

Race for Possible seeks to engage people collectively and individually in the transformative work of language development and Bible translation.

The Outcomes

  • Increased awareness of the plight of roughly 600 million people who have little-to-no Scripture in a language they clearly understand.
  • The vision for missions to spread across the United States, fostering a close, interconnected community passionate for the least reached and God’s heart for the nations.
  • Financial support for the Africa Initiative to provide Motorbikes for mother tongue translators.
  • Opportunities for individuals to take next steps in the global Bible translation movement—as advocates, intercessors, financial partners, interns, and long-term missionaries.