Due to loss of strategic personnel as well as the current COVID-19 outbreak, we are not sponsoring Race for Possible at this time. We appreciate your understanding as we all work together to move forward and also protect the health of our community!
Do you want to make an impact for eternity?

The Hewa people in the remote Enga Province of Papua New Guinea have historically believed that spirits live down in the lowland river areas. So the people always built their houses up on the high ridges, and if they had to go down to the water, they would do it quickly and come right back up. There was one house-sized boulder downriver where the people believed a host of evil spirits lived, and they always avoided it.

As the Bible translators lived among the Hewa people for years, translating the Word of God, they witnessed the power of the Holy Spirit setting these people free from the bondage of fear. The Hewa moved their houses down to areas closer to the water. Although the people had never before gone close to the boulder where the spirits lived, one man has now stood atop it, smiling broadly, no longer afraid, because he knows the power of Christ living inside him is greater than anything in creation. 

YOU can help set people free from the bondage of fear by giving them
access to the powerful, transformative Word of God!

Join us for a two-day adrenaline-fueled race held in a beautiful outdoor location where you will:

  • hear incredible, true stories from missionaries who have served God in some of the most remote and difficult places in the world
  • climb and rappel precarious heights
  • kayak, raft, or canoe through challenging waterways
  • pedal or hike breathtaking wilderness trails
  • discover a hidden, ethnic village
  • face team-building challenges
  • raise money beforehand for a JAARS-sponsored project that supports Bible translation

What an incredible weekend of pushing our limits and growing us in so many ways! Not to mention, raising funds for Bible translation projects and spreading awareness about the need.

There’s such a fulfilling element of knowing the race was not only for the benefit of those participating. We were immediately, practically, and corporately able to aid the work of Bible translation.

*Never done anything like this before? That’s okay! We will have trained staff at each segment of the race to assist you, and we will aid you in the fund-raising by providing materials and sample letters to use.

*Activities and length of program event may vary from venue to venue.  To see pictures and video of past events please visit and “Like” our Race for Possible Facebook page.

Visit the venue locations listed above and register now to start making a difference in the lives of those who need to hear and experience the freeing power of Christ’s love!